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The Secret to Doing What You Love

The place where I love doing what I love to do

Everywhere I look, there is the greatest beauty.

Yes, even in December – where winter has decided to delay itself a bit longer and grant us with an amazing 65 degree sunny day today and tomorrow!

I have been feeling so fortunate in the last week with things that have made my heart explode with joy, love, and gratitude.

The Secret to Doing What You Love

First of all, there is no secret. You just do it and keep doing it.

I have been offered so much from every direction. Questions I’ve been asking for some time now, are being answered. I’m moving in a direction that I feel happy and fortunate about. I don’t know if I could have imagined these things a year ago. I realize that having focus, direction, and clarity has not only put me on the right path, but has taken me down an amazing road I’ve chosen that has many wonderful options.


I’m sharing this with everyone because I want you to know it’s possible for anyone to take this step – sometimes into the unknown. If I can do it, anyone can. Jumping off the edge feels so crazy at first, but once you leap, the feeling is exhilarating and indescribable.

Do what you love. Don’t accept anything less. Celebrate the life you have. Make it count. Be grateful. If you need encouragement, I will do my best to cheer you on. Thank you for being there for me when it matters.


I begin working in my studio this month with a custom order for a very dear friend of mind. The sentimental aspect attached to these pieces have been a wonderful part for me as I spend time – emotionally – involved in the making of this art. To me, this is what creativity is all about. The giving and taking. This is the kind of creativity I want to celebrate and share with others everywhere I go and hope that I will continue to experience throughout the rest of my life.


I started with painting tiny acrylic paintings onto canvas paper. I love the look and feel of canvas because of the texture and feel. Something some artist may prefer not to show. Each one is painted individually using brushes, pieces of plastic, palate knives, and my fingers. Each painting is then covered with a sealant once they are completely dry.

paintings on towel

Glass is an important part of this process, since in many cases, I cut my own glass to get the exact fit I want.  After the glass is cut, I clean it extremely well to avoid any of my dirty paint covered finger prints!  ☺

tiny paintings with glass

Soldering is one of my other favorite things to do! Working with hot silver and guiding it in different directions while creating unpredictable designs is exciting to see right before your eyes!

Once the soldering is complete, I sometimes add embellishments, stones, toggles, and other wire wrapping before putting the piece through a wash that creates the antique dark finish. Buffing the pieces to bring out the highlights on top while keeping the rest dark is the desired end effect.

More items like this are available on my website.

Stay tuned, more to come.