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Best Jewelry of 2013: A Sparkling List of Handmade Achievement

By Claire Thomas – guest blogger

I highly doubt anybody appreciates handmade jewelry and the artists behind this list more than I do. As an amateur jewelry maker I know the struggles of making goals to sell my jewelry, creating cohesive collections and finding better ways of doing things. Discovery of fellow handmade jewelers that inspire you can be a big part of the process. The following list is comprised of designers and artists that inspire me in their magnificent jewelry making success.


Byrd Designs

I found Jaime Byrd’s work while searching for vintage jewelry and hair accessories. Her eclectic style keeps surprising me with everything from rosary style necklaces that impart culture as well as beauty, to the beautiful vintage locket shadow box necklaces, decorative hair clips and barrettes.



The piece above is truly a work of art, as are all of Jaime’s jewelry pieces.


©Byrd Designs

Byrd Designs is at the top of this list for more than the vintage necklaces. There is also the Titanic Collection which feels at home in Kate’s hair and jewelry box as Jack draws her like one of his French girls.

titanic-comb 02

This collection has brilliant emeralds, bold blues and mesmerizing violets to commemorate the RMS Titanic. The Victorian and Edwardian eras are represented as well as the bold women that were on the cutting edge of fashion at the time.



Kei Jewelry

This interesting jewelry designer is made by Keyla Viviana in San Juan, Puerto Rico using gemstones, sterling silver and gold filled metals. She is inspired by the colors of her warm home on the island of Puerto Rico. The Chrysocolla point necklaces below are regal yet mystical with the use of color of gold and the turquoise and green gems.



Keyla’s designs evoke the natural colors of the Earth in fun new ways. She balances bold and classy very well. The sky blue druzy necklaces below look like the Caribbean waters and refreshing blue skies.






Andrea makes her jewelry by hand in Zagreb, Croatia while she studies architecture. Her jewelry is all interesting elegance with unusual pieces like the one below.



Her studies of architecture influence the jewelry along with nature as seen in her stick pieces like the one below.



Frosted Willow

Katrin is the mastermind behind Frosted Willow in Boston, MA. This shop deserves recognition for the beautiful metal work and use of color in specialties items: bangle bracelets. They range from simple and elegant to bold and colorful in silver and gold. They are stackable and can be personalized with names or initials.

frosted willow
©Frosted Willow

Making jewelry by hand is one of the most rewarding things you can do. These artists inspire me to be more creative, and to follow my dreams.

Claire is a lean mean crafting machine and freelance writer for Wubbers. When she’s not whipping out everything from jewelry to repurposed furniture she is gardening with her daughter.