Jewelry In Spanish

Having grown up only minutes from the US and Mexico boarder, I’ve had a life long fascination with the exotic and colorful country of Mexico.  The food, the people, the art, and of course, the language.

I’ve created many pieces – with more to come – of my jewelry and shrine work with Spanish word stampings. Each meaning something special and different for different reasons.


 CORAZÓN (Heart)
A way of giving your heart to another soul.  I’ve been making hearts out of clay and giving them a high polish that I believe reflects the wonderful red colors of Mexico.  Many of my “Corazón” pieces varie in a number of mixed media designs that include found objects, soldered silver, gemstones, and plenty of sparkling Swarovski Austrian Crystals.

corazon-in-a-box-b corazon-in-a-box-d




AMOR (Love)
I have made a few pieces with AMOR stamped in somewhere.  This anatomical heart with a lock and key sold early on.  As many people know, I am in love with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and use this image for many of my pieces and art work.  The below pendant is filled with tiny details that make this one of my favorites.





“HERMANAS” (Sisters)
This is a design I thought would make any sister happy to get from another.  A great way to show sisterly love.  I used two lovely señoritas in full folk outfits then hand painted with pastels, and then soldered behind clear glass.  Copper plate is hand stamped and beads are glass, crystal, and gemstones.



I need to do an entire post just on the day of the dead holiday and it’s influence on me and my work.  Some of my pendants are painted with pastel chalk and glittered in full Mexican Folk Art style!  Lot’s of crystals,  flowers, and accents. It’s all part of my “portable shrines” that are perfect for the home or to wear around your neck.



I put a santos hand holding a heart in this shrine. Representing dual nature: Human and Divine.guadalupe-shrine-pendant


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