Best Summer Hair Styles and Updo’s

Summer time is not the time that you want to be doing “too” much with your hair.  Or over thinking about it.  It’s time to hit the beach or outdoors with ease, but still look great and stunning!

For over 20 years now, I’ve been making hair accessories.  And over this time, I’ve had people from around the world show me ideas – old and new – and interesting hair styles using barrettes, hair combs, hair sticks, pick combs, bobbie pins, and even pencils!   Here are some of my favorite which seem perfect for the summer in the city and the beach!


1.  The French Roll (or French Twist)

This has been a long adored hair style ever since we first laid eyes on Audrey Hepburn and her amazing hair do.  Women spend hours trying to recreate this stylish look, only to have to have a hair dresser help.  Now, with modern tools and knowledge, we can do it ourselves in a matter of seconds.  Yes, I said seconds.  Our HOW TO VIDEO shows you how to do this!


2.  Bun or knot twist

This is a very popular look these days.  It may appear easier then you think, but once you get the hair into the desired bun or twist, you can secure it easily with one of our French combs (as shown below), pick combs, or set of bobbie pins.




knot hair





3.  Roll using bobbie pins
Bobbie pins are not just for holding your bangs back!