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Comb Instructions

How to use a Byrd Designs French comb
(click here for instructions on using a Byrd Designs Pick Comb)
  • Brush hair back into a pony tail and grasp hair firmly with hand.
  • Make sure pony tail is placed on a comfortable spot at the back of your head and where the most hair will be held.
  • Pull pony tail up toward the ceiling.
  • Begin twisting either to the right or the left while holding the ponytail close to your head.
  • With one hand - cup roll the bottom of the twist using your fingers to tuck in and secure the hair at the bottom of the twist.
  • Continue to twist the pony tail to the ends.
  • Pull top of pony tail about halfway down the twist and begin tucking the hair under or inside the twist.
  • For longer hair fold pony tail to fit the length of the twist and tuck.
  • Continue tucking hair into the twist using a cup and roll motion with your hands and fingers.
  • Make sure all ends are under your twist and secure.
  • Hold comb with design side toward hair (upside down).
  • Weave or catch the teeth of the comb just along the outside edge of the twist as in the illustration above.
Congratulations - you now have created a beautiful and versatile way to wear your hair using our unique line of Byrd Design antique replicated hair jewelry!
  • Swing comb over twist bringing the decorated side of comb facing out.
  • Push comb toward the center of the twist and down toward the scalp, making sure to catch as much hair/twist into comb as possible.
  • Continue pushing the comb into the twist until only the decorated end of the comb is visible.
How to use a Byrd Designs Pick comb
(click here for instructions on using a Byrd Designs French Comb)
  • Separate top layer of hair from sides of head with a comb or brush.
  • Pull pony tail tight.
  • Hold pony tail up and twist to the right or left.
  • Begin wrapping the twist around the center of the pony tail.
  • Ensure ends are tucked under the bun as you go.
  • Finish by tucking end of twist under bun and hold.
  • Take pick comb, with design of comb toward hair (upside down), and slide teeth into your bun as shown in the drawing above.
  • Swing comb over and up until pick comb is right side up.
  • Begin sliding comb into bun and toward scalp, catching as much hair as possible.
Congratulations, you have just recreated another beautiful and individual way to wear your hair with Byrd Designs antique replicated hair jewelry!  
  • Finish sliding the pick comb into the bun and toward the scalp until only the decorated end of your pick comb is visible.
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