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How to use a barrette for an easy updo.
This is a short film demonstrating how to use a barrette. This barrette works in all types of hair.

This is one of many hairstyles you can make using a barrette to create an updo. The secret to finding a barrette that will stay in your hair is to make sure that the barrette back is made in France. A made in France quality barrette is superior to the more common "spring" clip that often will pop out or slide out. All of our barrettes are hand crafted and made with French quality barrette backs. These barrettes will stay in your hair and keep your hairstyle up. Try one of our barrettes today and we will guarantee that you will be happy. Our barrettes come in 4 different sizes 40 mm (1.5 inches), 60 mm (2.33 inches), 80 mm (3.15 inches), and 100mm (4 inches).

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